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i2b2 Wizard


The „i2b2 Wizard“ is a program to install and configure i2b2 and SHRINE from scratch on a Linux (and for the tinkerers, Windows) machine.

Its main features are:

  • „Semi-graphical“ program to install and configure i2b2
  • Full i2b2 installation support
    • Automatic download and extraction of required software packages
    • Automatic installation of Linux software packages
    • Automatic configuration and compilation of the i2b2 source code
    • Automatic handling of all database work (schema creation, etc.)
  • Full support for i2b2 administration
    • Create and remove i2b2 projects and users
    • Load and remove the Boston Demodata
    • Change Hive ID and network interface and database configuration
    • Change various passwords (e. g. from I2B2HIVE and I2B2PM)
  • Recursive resolving of dependencies for setup targets / administration tasks
  • SHRINE installation (currently not up-to-date)

The upcoming modular version 2 (which is currently available as a beta, download the latest 1.9.x version) will have the following features:

  • Supports different i2b2 versions
  • Supports different operating systems (Linux distributions & Windows/Cygwin)
  • Supports different database systems (Oracle & Microsoft SQLServer)
  • Good backward-compatibility (e.g. update i2b2 Wizard, stick to old i2b2)
  • Increases community involvement: We encourage i2b2 users to modify existing OS scripts for other OSs! 🙂

About i2b2 Wizard

The i2b2 Wizard was started as a student’s project in 2010 by Sebastian Mate to simplify the installation and administration of i2b2. Since then, it has received many contributions by other developers (special thanks to Igor Engel, Daniel Plog and Axel Newe). In 2012, the tool also became part of the IDRT and IDRT2 projects ( — funded by the BMBF and carried out by the Universities of Göttingen, Leipzig, Erlangen and the TMF e.V.