Toy or tool? Personal health devices for lifelong wellbeing and health

Vortrag am 15. Oktober 2019 ab 13:30

Dr. Jochen Meyer

Bereichsleiter | R&D Director

OFFIS e.V. – Institut für Informatik / Oldenburg


Since some years networked personal health devices such as activity trackers, smart scales, sports watches, or sleep monitors are available, enabling the technical and medical layperson to monitor numerous relevant parameters of health in their daily life. Their connection to internet services facilitates new ways of digital applications to support lifelong health and wellbeing. However, their use is not without challenges, such as irregular use and early abandonment or unknown data quality, and the need for new types of interventions going beyond behavior change support systems. This talk will discuss these challenges, demonstrating how smart health devices can become part of a lifelong navigation system for health.