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A hospital network for EHR-based clinical trial patient recruitment: real world experience

17. Mai 2016, 11:30


Slow patient recruitment is the number one reason for clinical trial delays. Reliably identifying suitable patients is key to timely recruitment. This seminar will discuss an innovative solution to improving the patient recruitment process in a large hospital network. The solution includes a clinical trial protocol design tool allowing the optimization of study design by querying trial criteria against electronic health records, and utilizing the networked infrastructure for implementing EHR-driven real-time patient recruitment. The system is currently connected to 7 large hospitals, with a growing number of clinical trials running in parallel. Interoperability, patient privacy and governance aspects will be discussed.



Tigran Arzumanov, PhD, MBA, Clinerion, Basel, Switzerland. Tigran has been working in the area of clinical research sales & marketing since 2004 and has extensive experience in commercial aspects of both pharmaceutical research services and eClinical solutions. His focus is on accelerating the spread of the innovative PRS platform of Clinerion.

Dominik Aronsky, MD, PhD, FACMI, Clinerion, Basel, Switzerland. His expertise and interests include the development, implementation, and evaluation of clinical information systems with a special emphasis on clinical decision support systems, knowledge management, and the application of artificial intelligence to support real-time patient care.