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Bioinformatik mit klinischem Bezug – Functional Insights into Human Transcriptional Regulation

Prof. Dr. Leila Taher
Juniorprofessor für Bioinformatik der FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Dienstag, 23. Februar 2016 (11:00 Uhr) im Seminarraum des Lehrstuhls für Medizinische Informatik

During embryonic development, a single genome directs the process of cell differentiation that leads to a multitude of cell lineages. This is precisely determined by distinct gene expression programs, which are, in turn, controlled by proximal and distal regulatory elements such as promoters and enhancers. Over 90% of variants discovered in genome-wide association studies (GWAS) are located outside protein-coding genes. The current prevalent view is that disease-causing mutations act predominantly by impairing the normal function of noncoding regulatory elements, and, in particular, enhancers. Hence, understanding how gene regulatory elements, establish the correct spatiotemporal expression of genes is essential to uncover the genetic basis of human disease. While it is now possible to identify enhancers with relatively high throughput assays, it remains challenging to dissect their function. We integrate comparative genomics, sequence analysis, and next-generation sequencing data with statistics and machine learning approaches with the aim of elucidating the architecture of genomic regulatory landscapes underlying gene dysregulation under different physiological or pathological conditions.

Vortragssprache ist deutsch. Zu einem anschließenden gemeinsamen Mittagessen wird eingeladen,  siehe Kolloquiumsvortrag_2016-02-23_Taher_Einladungsflyer.


Der Vortrag wird in deutscher Sprache gehalten.