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Information Technology for Translational Medicine: Providing solutions to improve the lifespan of biomedical research data

12. Januar 2016, 11:00-12:00

Andreas-Kremer_Profilbild Dr. Andreas Kremer
Managing Director
ITTM S.A. (Information Technology for Translational Medicine)
[Esch, Luxembourg]

The recent technical developments in biomedical sciences such as next generation sequencing, microarrays and high throughput technologies have enabled routine, and inexpensive analysis of biomedical specimens of all kinds. Such analyses go hand and in hand with an exploding amount of data in various formats. This biomedical data holds the potential for novel findings, new drugs and personalized therapies, but its sheer mass and low quality prohibit its efficient leveraging. Researchers and companies are facing different challenges in the analysis of these heterogeneous, often unstructured, and non-standardised data sets, which get only useful following a strict data curation procedure, including data cleansing, harmonization, and reduction of complexity.

Information Technology for Translational Medicine (ITTM) is a Spin Off from the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) focusing on data curation service leveraging the combined results of clinical studies and high dimensional biotechnology. Beside standardization and industrialization of (clinical) data curation the new BioIT company provides bioinformatics services, develops efficient client-interface software (incl. disease maps) and databases.

We will discuss how new insights into disease progression, patient stratification, safety interpretation, biomarker discovery, and disease taxonomic classification can be facilitated especially for biological and medical data sets that are not accessible to standard data analysis due to their complexity and variability.


Die Vortragssprache ist voraussichtlich deutsch. Anschließend ist zur geselligen Diskussion mit dem Referenten beim Mittagessen („Bagel Tuesday“) eingeladen. Vortrags-Einladungsflyer (PDF).