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Risks and benefits of health information technology: on evidence and unintended consequences

In this talk, Dr. Lehmann will briefly describe the evidence for HIT in improving safety and discuss the value of provider order entry and clinical decision support. He will then focus on the unintended consequences of HIT implementation on work flow, communication and cognition. Using examples from his own work implementing clinical systems as well the literature, the challenges of implementation will be discussed.

Christoph “Chris” U. Lehmann, M.D. is an Associate Professor in Pediatrics and Health Information Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University and the Director for Clinical Information Technology for the Children’s Medical Center. Dr. Lehmann is a neonatologist and completed a two-year NIH sponsored fellowship in Applied Medical Informatics in 2000.

Dr. Lehmann was appointed founding Medical Director of the American Academy of Pediatrics Child Health Informatics Center (CHIC) in 2010. He currently serves as the Secretary on the Board of Directors of the American Medical Informatics Association and on the AAP Partnership for Policy Implementation. Dr, Lehmann served in the recent past on the Executive Committee of the Council on Clinical Information Technology of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Lehmann is the past-chair of the Working Group Steering Committee for AMIA and leads the effort for an AMIA-wide mentorship program.

Dr. Lehmann is one of the editors of eNeonatal Review ( and is a founder of Dermatlas ( He has extensive experiences with web-based clinical simulations for medical education is one of the original authors of “The Interactive Patient”.

Dr. Lehmann’s interest has focused computer assisted medical education as well as improving safety through medical informatics applications. His main focus is on reduction of provider order errors through technology. He has developed major safety related computer projects including one that automates ordering of parenteral nutrition and a system for ordering critical medications for oncology patients.

Dr. Lehmann has over 50 publications and has authored several book chapters. He is one of the editors of the book titled “Pediatric Informatics” and he is the editor in chief of a new journal: Applied clinical informatics.